Fleck Water Softener Reviews: Our 3 Top Fave Systems

Fleck has been in the water softening sector for over 50 years. Based in the U.S., the company is popular for its high quality items, as well as is just one of our favorite brands. You'll locate a number of Fleck water softener reviews on our website, yet there are three designs that stand apart to us:


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These 3 designs fit the expense if top quality as well as efficiency are your leading concerns. Allow's explore each system to see what it needs to provide.

  1. Fleck 5600SXT

The 5600SXT is one of the most cost effective choice on our listing, and also it's likewise among the best performing.

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With an on need, electronic metered valve, this water softening system is completely programmable as well as showcases a digital control head with a bypass shutoff. If you're utilizing a lot more water than normal, the system will continue regrowing as essential to keep up with your use.

The digital control head includes a backlit LCD show with touchpad controls for easy programming. Two Days of inner power backup is also included, so if your power heads out, you still have soft water.

The 5600SXT can treat as much as 12 GPM circulation rates, which is ideal for homes with 3 to 6 people and also dealing with moderate to very tough water. The system's brine storage tank can hold approximately 250 extra pounds of salt, and also flaunts a small footprint of 15" x 17" x 33".

  1. Fleck 7000SXT

The 7000SXT is ideal for houses with big family members, multiple washrooms and also extremely tough water. Although more expensive than our initial pick, this version is among the very best for houses that have four or more shower rooms.

With the capability to treat 11 to 20 grains each gallon, this 48,000 grain system can withstand the needs of homes with 7-8 individuals. With bigger interior porting (1 1/4"), the 7000SXT system supplies the least amount of pressure decrease as well as a greater circulation price to guarantee optimum comfort.

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This system includes an on demand, metered control that allows you to merely "established and also neglect." You'll never need to reset the time or reprogram on this device.

If you need to lose power, an interior capacitor will ensure that your time stays set for up to 48 hours. As well as its non-volatile memory common ensure that your system setups are never lost.

The 7000SXT also offers you the choice to produce customized cycle readying to make certain one of the most reliable use salt and water, which will certainly conserve you money and time.

The system features a 10 x 54 high-capacity resin storage tank as well as a 15 x 17 x 34 salt water tank.

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  1. Streak 9100SXT

The Fleck 9100SXT is the most pricey system on our list, it's additionally one of the most effective. Including double alternating tanks, you will never ever lack soft water again. With a high circulation and the capability to treat high firmness, this is the ideal system for any kind of family.

Streak states this is their most reliable unit for whole house softening, and also we concur.

In brief, you'll never ever run out of soft water. And if your water usage rises, you could be sure that you have lots of soft water to fulfill your needs.

If you have really difficult water, this advanced system is a clever option. The 9100SXT is capable of getting rid of 48,000 grains of firmness, as well as provides a 12 GPM solution flow, which means that this system could deal with 12 gallons each minute.

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